Learn how to use food as medicine.

We offer the UK’s first accredited online course in Applied Nutrition integrating the very latest in nutritional science with practical culinary expertise. The result is a flexible, hands-on diploma course that provides you with the opportunity to discover a new radical approach to health and wellbeing, based on facts, not fads.

Our Diploma in Applied Nutrition empowers you with the knowledge and tools to make food choices and develop recipes based around health. Use this knowledge for your own health or in your business. The choice is yours.

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Our modules

Our Diploma in Applied Nutrition has been designed and developed by Dale Pinnock, TV’s ‘Medicinal Chef’, award-winning author and one of UK’s leading nutritionists, to address the most important areas of diet and health in the modern world today.

Our diploma currently consists of 7 modules covering:


Module 1: Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome


Module 2: The Immune System


Module 3: The Heart & Circulatory System


Module 4: Joints and Bones


Module 5: The Digestive System & Common Digestive Issues


NEW: Module 6: The Skin and Skin Disorders


Module 7: Food and Mood

Each of the modules covers the theory of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and evidence based nutrition. The teaching also demonstrates how to apply the theory to menu development and recipe creation. Video tutorials and animations as well as multiple choice exams keep you engaged throughout your studies.

Throughout our diploma course you’ll have access to an online community and be able to network with other students around the world to support each other.

As a 100% online course, you can study whenever and wherever and fit this course in with your life.

Who is our diploma for?

Our diploma is designed to provide anyone with an interest in food, nutrition, health and wellbeing with a higher level of understanding through education.

It provides a gateway into the world of food and well being and can offer huge opportunities for developing a career in this ever growing field.

Our students come from many different backgrounds, including:

  • Those passionate about food, nutrition, health and wellbeing
  • Healthcare professionals such as GPs, health visitors, dietitians
  • Food and health writers, bloggers, health enthusiasts
  • Chefs, fitness and personal trainers
  • Nutritional therapists and health & wellness coaches
  • Beauty practitioners
  • Organisations that recognise the importance of health and wellbeing within their business and want to offer their staff something more.

Qualified nutritionists and practitioners often choose our diploma to broaden their skill set, and include more food preparation and menu design in their offering.

While it isn’t a practitioner course, our diploma is accredited by the FNTP. It gives you detailed scientific knowledge of the medicinal use of food and a fresh way of thinking about health.

Get started today and learn how to use food as medicine!

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