Nutrition for Medics

This programme, 'Creating A Healthy Future,' introduced by Natasha Kaplinsky, looks at the need for medics to be educated and the lack of their training in nutrition. Created by ITN Productions in collaboration with  College of Medicine

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It’s time to reverse the trend of lifestyle-lead chronic conditions. Gain the skills and knowledge to empower your patients to make dietary choices that support health and prevent disease.

“The situation has become so dire with diet related diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease putting so much strain on the NHS, unless we tackle this head on we as a nation and the future of our children is doomed.”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

This CPD approved online course can be studied from anywhere allowing you to fit studying into your schedule. It gives you the knowledge and practical skills to deliver nutritional guidance within consultations to provide the best patient care.

“Currently there is no formal medical training on the impact of nutrition on health which means doctors are not empowered to treat patients with diet and lifestyle related diseases which are causing tremendous harm to their health.”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

“I only ever really knew the basic science behind nutrition. I didn’t know how to directly apply it to patient care, so there’s quite a lot I’ve learned from the diabetes chapter that made me think if I had known I could have applied this and revisited this after finishing my studies. It would have been really useful as I could have offered more holistic care to patients and focussed less on medication.”


Dr. Claudia Pastides

As the incidence of lifestyle disease continues to grow, more pressure is put upon the healthcare system, more drugs are prescribed and our quality of life is decreasing. It is time to take action and invest in a healthy future. A future where we take control of our own health, eat real food and support each other through communities.

Lifestyle disease has risen dramatically and now threatens to bankrupt the healthcare service in the UK and is an epidemic problem worldwide
Preventable, lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease cost the NHS around £16bn a year
As we have seen the introduction of processed food, poor dietary guidelines, less physical activity as a part of our normal everyday lives and a higher level of stress in our fast moving world, the incidence of lifestyle disease has continually risen.
Diabetes (UK) in 2017 stated that 4.6million people are living with type 2 diabetes in the UK and 12.3 million are at an increased risk
The General Medical Council (GMC) and Council of Europe Alliance on Hospital Food and Nutritional Care require doctors to understand the role played by diet and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention and management and to take active roles in partnership with patients and their families to help reverse these statistics

Now is the time to reverse these statistics - it's time for health professionals to educate themselves on nutrition so they can responsibly and confidently intervene and empower patients how to take back control of their own health.

Be a part of the change when it comes to how we prevent, manage and advise on nutrition for health.

Professionals who will benefit from Sano Nutrition for Medics

The Nutrition for Medics course is suitable for any medical professional who is on the front line dealing with patients who are suffereing with lifestyle conditions. This includes;

General Practitioners
Physicians Assistants
Registered Dietitians
Nurse Practitioners
Holistic Practitioners

What does the Sano Nutrition for Medics Course involve?

Sano Nutrition for Medics course combines evidence-based learning with a passion for nutrition, food, wellbeing and culinary medicine to provide health professionals with the skills to empower clients and patients to take back control of their own dietary choices.

The course provides a sound, applicable foundation in nutritional theory and its practical application for medical professionals wanting to learn the fundamentals of healthy cooking and how to use food as medicine for the benefit of their patients.

Each module covers the theory of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and evidence-based nutrition.

The teaching demonstrates how to apply the theory in an understandable way to guide patients to reconsidering their food choices to support their health.

Video tutorials and animations, as well as multiple choice quizzes and practical assignments keep you engaged throughout your studies.


What You Get?

Nutrition Knowledge

Learn nutritional theory and its practical application 

  • Modules covering key chronic health conditions that can be supported with good nutrition: obesity and diabetes, immunity, heart and circulation, joints and bones, digestion, skin, and mental health
  • Video content from industry experts
  • Learn nutritional theory via extensive, in-depth reading materials, videos, animations, quizzes and assignments
  • Learn how to use culinary medicine and kitchen skills to develop recipes and meal plans to support and manage health conditions
  • Written assignments involve recipe creation and explanation of functional ingredients used to support the health area being discussed. All written assignmets reviewed and suggestions made by qualified Nutritionists.

Cookery School

Learn to create healthy recipes

  • Inspirational video content demonstrating how to make quick, healthy, cost effective meals to support health
  • Learn how to adapt recipes to support health and get the maximum benefit from our food!
  • Tips and tricks in the kitchen
  • Learn how to use different cooking methods to prepare your food
  • Access to a bank of healthy recipes with printable recipe cards
  • Glossary of over 60 ingredients explaining their health benefits based on nutritional science

Consultation Skills

Apply nutrition in consultations  

  • Video content demonstrating practical skills to apply nutritional knowledge within a short consultation time to support diabetes & obesity, digestive health, skin health, joints & bones, cardiovascular health, mental health and immunity
  • Understand the resources avaiilable  to signpost patients for further support if necessary

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In addition to extending your nutrition education for the benefit of your patients, completion of Sano Nutrition for Medics course will enable you to receive 1 Continuing Professional Development point per hour of study to add to your development portfolio.

Improving your skills and knowledge through Continuing Professional Development is the responsibility of every professional across all inductors. When completing CPD it is important to keep a record of the training completed each year, what learning objectives have been met, and what skills will be put into practice to improve and increase proficiency.

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"Sano's CPD accredited online nutrition diploma is delightfully evidence based, practical and I've personally found what I learnt life changing for my family as well as invaluable for enhancing patient care. I highly recommend this diploma to medics as it's a brilliant refresher of biomedical science (that we learnt many moons ago!) plus really interesting new information that can be applied to patient care "

Dr Claudia Pastides


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