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Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions about our online diploma. If you still can’t find an answer to your questions, get in touch with one of our Sano experts and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How long does each module take?

Each module involves completing the reading material provided, watching an animation to help consolidate your knowledge and completing an exam and assignment. The beauty of this course is that there are no time restrictions. You can complete it in your own time. Take your time reading the course material, or devour it all in one go. The same goes for the exams. They are open book and allow you to complete them in your own time.

I’m interested in the course but would like to see what is involved before signing up

Our Diploma in Applied Nutrition is made up of 7 main subject areas. Each module contains reading material which focuses on two main areas. The theory section covers anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and how nutrition fits into the picture. The second component of each of the modules involves how to apply the theory to menu development and recipe creation. The assessment aspect of the course involves completing a multiple choice exam and an assignment for each module.

The course in 100% online, and can be completed in your own time. Have a look at the video on our home page for a closer look at the course. You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter to get a better insight.

I’m interested in the course however I would like to try some of the modules before committing to the whole course. Is this possible?

Yes, we understand that purchasing the course all in one go may not be for everyone. For those that want to try it out, or indeed for those that wish to spread the payments, there is an option. We have divided the course into 4 parts, composed of 2 modules per part (the last part features one module and the final assignment) Each part can be purchased individually. Please visit our Get Started page to view the available courses and costs. You can of course choose to purchase the full course in one go from this page too.

I’m already a qualified nutritional therapist, will I learn anything new?

This course is great for those who already have a nutrition qualification as it combines up to date scientific knowledge of chronic health conditions with practical information on how to use food as medicine. As you are required to develop recipes suitable for different health conditions, you will end up with resources you can use in your clinic, or share through your social media platforms, raising your profile.

In addition, the course has been accredited by The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP) and has been awarded 5 CPD points. This means that our diploma course is fully recognised as further training and professional development for qualified Nutritional Therapists.

How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring people to our courses. If you have a significant online presence in the health world, be it through a blog, website or clinic you have the potential to earn a commission from every referral. The first step is to click on the become an affiliate link to tell us about you. If approved as one of our affiliates, you will be given instructions on how to create your own unique link to our website. This identifies all traffic that comes in from your promotional activities, and ensures you are paid per signup. We will also provide you with promotional materials, including a banner and approved text to display on your website/blog.

Can hard copies of the learning materials be posted?

Our course materials can be viewed online as well as downloaded as pdf documents. This allows you to read them on your laptop, tablet or phone, or if you prefer hard copies, print them out. We do not post them directly to our students.

Are there scholarships available for Sano School of Culinary Medicine courses?

There currently aren’t any scholarships available but we do offer payment by instalments. We have divided the course into 4 parts, composed of 2 modules per part (the last part features one module and the final assignment). Each part can be purchased individually. Please visit our Get Started page to view the available courses and costs.

Who marks the assignments and what qualifications do they have?

At Sano School of Culinary Medicine we have a dedicated team of professional markers. All our markers are qualified nutritional therapists with qualifications recognised by leading governing associations. Once submitted, your assignment will be sent to one of our team members who aim to return it to you within 2 weeks. Our markers work is regularly reviewed and assessed to ensure we continually deliver consistency and the highest of standards.

Distance learning can be difficult, what support is available for learners?

Here at Sano School of Culinary Medicine we have designed our diploma course to be 100% online so that you can complete it in your own time, whenever and wherever it suits you. We do however know that it can be a little tricky not having a teacher on hand. As well as providing you with written guides to help support your learning, we have added recipe videos to help inspire you and animations to consolidate your learning. In addition you can now engage with other students completing the course through our online forums. Lastly students can contact course teachers directly through our private messaging.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still take the course and if so how can I find out what it will cost me?

We are delighted to offer this course to students around the globe. Our message that food is medicine is universal. You can pay through PayPal or Stripe, both who accept worldwide payments. Please note you may be charged a fee for converting money between currencies. For more details, please visit our Get Started page.

I have completed the Full Diploma in Applied Nutrition; do you offer any other courses. At Sano School of Culinary Medicine we are constantly working on new and exciting courses. We’ve just added a 7th module to the full Diploma in Applied Nutrition. If you haven’t already signed up, add your name and contact details to our mailing list so we can keep you updated. We love suggestions from our students, and if there is a particular topic or course you would like us to cover please send your suggestions through our contact page.

If I only complete part 1 of the course, do I get a qualification?

In order to be awarded our full Diploma in Applied Nutrition all the modules need be completed. We offer a very flexible payment plan to allow you to study when it suits you and the you have the option of purchasing the four parts by instalments.

I am a personal trainer and would like to offer my clients diet plans. Is your course suitable for this purpose?

The course currently does not have a module specifically centred on fitness. After completing our online diploma you would have the knowledge to create recipes around the seven different areas of the modules featured in the course ie; cardiovascular health, immune health, digestive health, joint and bone health, skin health, mood and food and diabetes & metabolic syndrome.

Are there CPD points available per module, or does the whole course need to be completed for this?

Currently the full course must be completed to obtain the CPD points. We are however working on providing CPD courses for specific health areas.

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