What our students say

What our students say

“As someone who works full time and hasn't studied in over 13 years, I've just completed the 'Food and Mood' module and loved it. This course is flexible, informative and I have really enjoyed it! Can't believe it's almost over but look forward to the possibility of additional modules.”

Roveena, Senior Healthcare Manager.

“I started the School of Culinary medicine a few months ago and I have enjoyed it very much so far. I like the fact that the lessons are interesting and full of information. There is a lot of mixed information available these days and people are confused as to what healthy food really is. People seem to focus only on the weight loss aspect of eating without actually understanding what they should be eating to stay fit and well. This course is brilliant to understand that by eating the right foods you can stay in a healthy weight as well as being healthy without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying good food. “

Maria Melendez

“I love the new website and I'm absolutely loving the course.”

Caroline Haigh, Private Caterer - 'Your Undercover Cook'

"Very professional. I can read the notes without having to print them. It's so clear and well laid out."

Sheila Mowlds

"Being an international student science can be really scary…you can be super into the theme and then you start reading it and it’s very difficult to understand. And what I love about the course I can understand everything I read and if I can’t I can just email or Skype and I have all the support that I need."

Ines Romanelli, Chef


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